CHUCHEL 2.0.12 (Full) Apk + Mod + Data for Android

CHUCHEL 2.0.12 Apk Full + OBB Data Paid latest Download

CHUCHEL Apk is a very interesting casual arcade jumping game. The game uses a very simple game screen style, with a simple game operation, the player must control the protagonist to continue jumping forward, surrounded by spikes, pay attention to avoid him. Collect fruits and gold coins that the protagonist likes. This game has several levels for players to try. Come explore with the protagonist!

CHUCHEL takes place on individual screens containing puzzles. Some areas simple as clicking them all, while others require you to do things in a specific order to move forward. Among the main puzzle screens, there are several mini-games, such as lightweight platform games, recreational classic arcade games, and even comedy pieces. What impressed me was how different each screen was and how often CHUCHEL varied the gameplay. You are never caught up in the same type of puzzle, and even the most action-oriented bits focus on something other than the platform. CHUCHEL is very familiar, so failing does not produce excessive play or a lot of progress is lost. You just need to reset and try again.

CHUCHEL 2.0.12 Apk Mod plus Data for Android Download

CHUCHEL 2.0.12 Apk:

Because the game is more focused on providing entertainment, besides being very tense there is a generous tip system that will be displayed if you are stuck on the screen for a long time. Although I was surprised to see how the tips unfold, getting a little push towards the solution certainly helped maintain CHUCHEL’s incredible speed. I didn’t expect the game would take long, but I sat down and finished it in one session. In about 110 minutes, this is basically a film about the difficulty of losing cherries that makes you fall in love. There is absolutely no problem in this game and every screen looks important.

Chuchel is a strange and hairy boy, faced with a variety of situational puzzles that you need to help you solve. The hairy little creature along with rival Kekel always looks for cherries that look delicious but every time he almost picks them up himself something is blocking him. Whether it’s a gelatinous bubble that stays hidden or a disembodied hand reaches out from the sky to take cherries to another place poor Chuchel can’t rest.

The game divided into quick and funny sketches allows you to interact with a variety of strange characters to solve the puzzle in question and hopefully recover the winning cherries that Chuchel is looking for. Through a familiar point-and-click interface unlike the systems seen in other Amanita Design games your job is to find out how to do some very strange things. It’s strange but fun, with an intuitive puzzle solution that initially frustrates you but gives you a gift with a legitimate funny interaction between Chuchel and the colorful world around you. The trailer below shows the strangeness of game penetration very well. Chuchel is shown in his mission to claim the cherries mentioned above which are floating in the middle of the subject’s yellow skull. Sometimes he was shot with lightning weapons by a tall blue man without eyes. It should be funny but you can feel disturbed by creatures like this out there.

CHUCHEL 2.0.12 Apk Mod plus Data for Android


This game consists of 30 levels. The player controls the Chuchel of the same name, whose job is to pick cherries. The levels are different and most are played as point-and-click adventures, but some consist of mini-games, including parodies of Pac-Man, Flappy Bird, Tetris, Space Invaders and T-Rex Chrome Offline Games. When Chuchel takes Cherry, Chuchel’s antagonist appears and steals. Chuchel is assisted by his pet, Kekel, who helped him pick up the cherry.

What the press said:

  • Comedy gold. Destructoid
  • A giant hug from a game. RockPaperShotgun
  • Ridiculous in the best way. Verge


  • Application stability and performance improvements.

Installation instructions:

  1. install the APK on your Android device.
  2. unzip the data and copy the folder
  3. android / obb (internal storage)
  4. Get in the game and have fun
  5. Remember That…

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