CHUCHEL 2.0.12 Apk Mod plus Data for Android Download

CHUCHEL 2.0.12 Apk Mod plus OBB Data Latest Download

CHUCHEL 2.0.12 Apk Mod plus Data for Android Download

CHUCHEL Apk Mod is a very interesting casual arcade jumping game. The game uses a very simple game screen style, with a simple game operation, the player must control the protagonist to continue jumping forward, surrounded by spikes, pay attention to avoid him. Collect fruits and gold coins that the protagonist likes. This game has several levels for players to try. Come explore with the protagonist!

CHUCHEL 2.0.12 Apk Paid Game Download:

The game follows the protagonist Chuchel, a creature like a powdered rabbit, when he tries to retrieve a cherry that was stolen by a giant one morning, with his best friend, enemy and Kekel’s pet to help or hinder him. it somehow. CHUCHEL Cracked Apk is structured in short episodes, little connected to Chuchel’s struggle to recover and store cherries; the episodic nature is emphasized by several levels that indicate the title. In the final stage, it was revealed that the giant hand that tried Chuchel with cherries was actually a bigger creature like Chuchel; swallowed Chuchel and Kekel, who took the cherries from the stomach, and went up to the brain to change them from “moody” to “happy”. The happy giants brought Chuchel and Kekel back to their home, where they finally parted and ate cherries, only to obtain the large pile the giant was carrying, which began to chase the large pears carried by larger hands.

CHUCHEL 2.0.12 Apk Mod plus Data for Android


This game consists of 30 levels. The player controls the Chuchel of the same name, whose job is to pick cherries. The levels are different and most are played as point-and-click adventures, but some consist of mini-games, including parodies of Pac-Man, Flappy Bird, Tetris, Space Invaders and T-Rex Chrome Offline Games. When Chuchel takes Cherry, Chuchel’s antagonist appears and steals. Chuchel is assisted by his pet, Kekel, who helped him pick up the cherry.

What the press said:

  • “Comedy gold.” Destructoid
  • “A giant hug from a game.” RockPaperShotgun
  • “Ridiculous in the best way.” Verge


  • Application stability and performance improvements.

Installation instructions:

  1. install the APK on your Android device.
  2. unzip the data and copy the folder
  3. android / obb (internal storage)
  4. Get in the game and have fun
  5. Remember That…

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Dev Tools Pro Cracked Purchased APK 5.5.9 Latest Version

Dev Tools Pro Cracked Purchased APK 5.5.9 Latest Version Download Free

Dev Tools Pro Cracked Purchased APK is a powerful Android application for developers to access a special set of tools developed by Trinea and launched in the Google market. Dev Tools Pro Purchased APK helps you see any information about the software installed. With this application, you can view the latest open source projects in daily reports or extract information for each application. You can now download the latest version of Dev Tools Pro with a cracked APK and unlock features on the vaildcrack website.

Dev Tools Pro Cracked Purchased APK 5.5.9 Latest Version

Dev Tools Pro is an Android Tools application made by Trinea that you can install on your Android device and enjoy. Dev Tools Pro can be used to view activity history, view manifests of any application, view recently used or installed applications, access any application apk, debug applications, view information about phone hardware and software, and so on. Furthermore, more features will be added later. Android Dev Tools is a powerful, productive, automated, important Android Development Assistant that can increase the productivity of your development. This can be used to decompile other applications, view the layout of other applications and view, view the latest open projects, view activity history, view manifests of any application, view applications that have just been used or installed, access any application’s apk, debug applications, forsee information related to phone hardware and software, etc., more features will be added later. Including:

Dev Tools Pro Features:

 Decompile other applications.

Easily view java files, resources and other application files, support file sharing

Add the Inspector Layout tool.

View or export layout and view information from other applications can display ID, width height, parent and child views, display coordinates.

See the latest open source projects every day.

A well-chosen Android open-source daily project.

View activity history.

See application name, package name, title, icon, start time of open activities and also include current activities, main activities. Open support in small window mode.

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What’s New?

  • Add the ‘Become a puller’ tool
  •  Add a new icon to the “Developer Options” tool
  •  Add tips when a purchase fails
  •  Repairing the open folder failed after saving the apk
  •  Correct some spelling mistakes
  •  Improvements cannot display tips if the latest tips are not removed when saving the apk.

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